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“Indofin kids school is a home away home to help young minds grow in a happy and child-friendly environment for the complete holistic development, by infusing love and care into every aspect of learning and development of skills by using pedagogical methods, which will support and challenge the children in their exploration of the world around them”




Our Curriculum is designed to provide students with an outstanding education that motivates them to reach their full potential and enables them to discover their interests and talent and reach their goals. To cater to the diverse sections of students we offer a unique blend of national (Indian) and international (Finnish) curriculum.

In Indofin Kids School, students become curious and creative learners. By introducing students to the fundamentals, our dynamic curriculum helps students develop basic learning skills, better listening comprehension, mathematical thinking, and more.

Complete Holistic Development

Indofin believes in Education with a holistic perspective concerned with the development of every person’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, and creative potentials. It seeks to engage students in the teaching/learning process and encourages personal and collective responsibility.

Student-Teacher Ratio

The ratio of student to teacher is 15:1. The students receive individualized attention from their teachers based on their unique needs. We believe that not all students are alike and do not learn information in the same way. At Indofin the student may experience an accommodation or modification to the curriculum to best fit their learning needs. Depending on individual needs each child’s academic, social, and emotional background will be recognized and supported by the team approach.

Equality and Equity

Indofin believes equity is important to develop in a classroom because it levels the playing field for all students. All students are given the same opportunity and overall a schools education, curriculum. The goal is to utilize the base concepts in a teaching environment to ensure each student has the same opportunities. Through classroom activities and study, students embrace ideas of economic, gender, and race equality.

Indofin which is Located at the heart of Kuniamuthur in Coimbatore is a place to focus, solidify, and add quality, variety, and scope to students’ lives.  It is a place for warmth and friendship and working together.

Indofin provides teachers with the greatest chance of success. They need to have completed a teacher preparation program that provides them with knowledge, experience, and guidance.

Teacher learning at Indofin is a continuous process that promotes teachers’ teaching skills, master new knowledge, develop new proficiency, which in turn, help improve students’ learning.

Working side by side with a teaching artist, musician, and dance master, teachers receive hands-on experience and develop integrated arts-based teaching skills. They discover how to promote innovative, high-quality learning by preschoolers through singing, dancing, role-playing, storytelling, and other performing arts activities.

Schools, being the second home, serve a number of purposes in a child’s life. From boosting their confidence in making them learn the importance of teamwork and socialization, schools do it all. Away from home, schools become the place for children to spend their maximum time.

At Indofin, the well equipped, spacious, and smart classrooms provide a wide variety of resources aimed at stimulating the interests of young students during recreation time and also for specific class activities.

Educational toys, puzzles, models, bricks, blocks are all carefully selected for the children to enjoy their kindergarten years and to develop their potential through the play-way method.

Indofin School places high importance on the health and safety of its staff and students. We understand our unique role in safeguarding the health of all members of our school community. The dedicated team of qualified medical doctors and nurses of Sangeetha Hospital is committed to maintaining and improving the health of students and school personnel via prompt health services and health education. Students undergo regular medical check-ups and a health record is maintained for each child.

School bus rides are joyful and memorable moments of the school days.

Indofin School provides transportation facilities to students. Buses are operated in all important routes. We have well experienced and trained drivers and nannies to take care of the children.

Parent Involvement

Parental involvement in a child’s education is essential for fostering success in School. It is known to be linked with improved behavior, regular attendance, and positive attitudes. At Indofin, we provide opportunities for the parents to get involved in the School activities. As a result, the students are more likely to have higher self-esteem, disciplined, self-motivated, and tend to achieve better grades, regardless of their ethnic, social, or racial backgrounds.

Life Skills

Life skills strengthen the bond between the teacher and students. At Indofin Students develop a positive attitude towards themselves and their peers. Along with knowledge and learning, students are taught to implement it on real-life problems, hence helping them develop to their full potential. This results in self-motivation and confidence building. Students learn to create a healthy environment and motivate those who are around them. It also helps them in creating a strong positive powered force of citizens who in the coming future will contribute to society. It facilitates character building and preserves the values of society.

Co-curricular Activities

Indofin Kids School focuses on the holistic development of students. A wide spectrum of activities is an integral part of the curriculum. These activities enhance the student’s ability to communicate verbally and non-verbally. Every child gets an opportunity to discover different facets of their personality. These activities prepare the students for an ever-changing, challenging world.

Sports Activities

Indofin believes that, Sport is quite beneficial for children as it develops physical mental and emotional skills. We engage children in sports activities each week to help to improve their focus on schoolwork, as well as help lead a happier and healthier life.


These clubs provide opportunities for young minds to participate in activities, interact with peers in a supervised setting, and form relationships with adults. The benefits of after school activities for children are wide and varied, ranging from physical benefits due to the promotion of increased activity, to psychological and social advantages. Some clubs focus on a specific area, thus allowing members to develop their skills and interests in that area.

The literary club is to develop self-efficacy and confidence and would help to enhance the general knowledge base. The club aims to foster a love for language, enhance literary creativity, and provide an avenue for self-expression beyond the school curriculum through rhymes, songs, and stories.

Nature Club is to inculcate Love of Nature in young minds.  The club helps the children to appreciate, admire, and actively participate in growing plants and trees. The children will be experiencing field trips, visiting Botanical gardens, and going on a nature walk which will provide them with opportunities to acquire attitudes, values, and skills needed to protect and improve the natural environment.

Compassionate Club is to help the children learn how to get along with each other and to develop compassion for one another. The children cultivate a warm heart with rich emotions through a variety of educational environments, striving to develop a well rounded and competent learner.

Arts Curriculum

(Music, Dance, Art & Craft)

At Indofin School, we recognize the importance that creative arts have in the life of all pupils. We combine the subjects of Art, Music, Dance, Movement, and Drama to form a comprehensive and exciting approach to develop all pupils’ creativity that builds on their strengths and interests.